Lawn weeds: selecting weedkillers

Lawn weeds: selecting weedkillers

Successfully controlling weeds in lawns with weedkillers depends upon identifying what weeds you have and then selecting the appropriate chemical. Be very careful using weedkillers on lawns; the wrong dose could seriously harm your lawn. Below you can find details of which weedkillers work best for tackling specific weeds – and information on those that are resistant.

Quick facts

Slender speedwell, field woodrush and mind-your-own-business are resistant to weedkillers
Many weeds need more than one application of weedkiller
Always follow the instructions on the weedkiller for the best results
Make sure you use the right product: some are ineffective on specific weeds
Weedy lawns can be turned into wild-flower meadows

Weedkillers for specific plants

Here is a guide to choosing the right weedkiller for your lawn. Just follow these steps:

  • Identify the weeds in your lawn
  • Find them in the list below
  • At the end of the name, it states a control method (numbers 1-7)
  • Read the method below. This tells you which products to use (it states the active ingredients, such as fluroxypyr), and how many applications will be needed to control the weeds
  • Now you know the active ingredients that will work, you can take these names to a garden centre or DIY store and get a product that contains these