Professional Lawn Services

At Cherry Tree we are passionate about gardens and lawn maintenance is our bread and butter.

Like any other plant, grass requires constant maintaining during the year including trimming and feeding at regular intervals, this will help your achieve the optimum density, colour and texture associated with a truly beautiful lawn.

The ‘One Third Rule’
Never remove more than one third of the grass blade on any one mowing. Therefore, if your lawn mower is set for a 3cm (1 ”) cut then you must mow at, or before, the grass gets to 4cm (1 ½”); regardless of if that’s 4 days or 8 days between cuts.

Lawn Maintenance Services
  • 1 Off Cuts – If you are in need of a quick tidy and trim, we can help!
  • Weekly Cuts – Cutting little and often, will produce a much denser and more aspirational turf
  • Fortnightly Cuts – For our fortnightly services, we will cut your grass at a slightly longer length, this is so that you stay as close to the one third rule as possible.

We offer garden mowing services starting from just £15!